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Jennifer Bisram

You may have seen Jennifer Bisram on TV, reporting, or in your neighborhood armed with a microphone and heels with a cameraman by her side ... now, meet her as an author in, First Day of School: Do You Want to be My Friend?


Jennifer's love for children took her into the classroom as a teacher for nearly two years in NYC before she made television reporting her full-time career.


As a journalist, chasing storms, standing in front of crime scenes, reporting on red carpets, covering sporting events and helping people through her stories, Jennifer, was always trying to figure out a way to reach children.


Her chance would come one summer day in Miami, as she sat on her couch, looking at the city skyline, reflecting back on her sister's first day of school.

"She came home to my parents and I saying she went up to every student in her class and asked them if they wanted to be her friend, Jennifer remembers. "My sister wasn't afraid to make friends and embrace other cultures."

"It was at that moment that I realized how important it is to teach friendship and diversity at a young age," she says.

Shortly after, First Day of School: Do You Want to be My Friend? was born.

"Coming from a South American, Caribbean, Indian family, I feel it is important to know who we are, who others are, and, realize that no matter where we come from, who we pray to and what foods we eat, we are all the same," Jennifer, who has reported for FOX Miami, FOX Orlando, ABC Detroit and News12, says of the book.

She is now a television reporter in NYC.

Her second book, Grandma Used to Say was published in March, 2022.

It's a picture book about lessons grandparents teach their grandchildren.

Both books are available online and in selected book stores across the United States.

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